ANHUI, February 3 -- Recently, seven new wetland parks in Anhui province have been added into the list of pilot National Wetland Parks. The seven new ones cover an area of 6762.44 hectare in total.

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CHANGSHA, January 17, China Daily -- Changsha county plans to build nine new public parks in the downtown area, as part of its second three-year "green city" plan, initiated at a meeting held on Jan 9.

Key program-1.18 Changsha initiates third green city plan1

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FUJIAN, January 1, China Daily -- Wetland's biodiversity and urban planting show progress of efforts to improve environment Chinese crested tern, once thought to be an extinct bird species, are alive and well in the Minjiang River estuary wetland, a natural reserve park in Fuzhou, capital city of Fujian province in East China.

"Chinese crested terns have come to our wetlands every year since the first time we discovered them in 2000. Dozens of them have been spotted by bird watchers recently," said Yang Wenxiu, chief engineer in Minjiang River Estuary Wetland Natural Reserve.

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HUBEI, December 29, China Daily -- Baidutan in Xichuan county, Nanyang, a former barren beach next to the Danjiangkou Reservoir, has become a popular local tourist attraction since thousands of egrets have begun visiting the beach.

Thousands of egrets paddling and flying around the beach formed a stunning backdrop, along with the surrounding greenery and the blue sky.

thumb Key Program-12.30 Improved environment sees return of Egrets1

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CHANGSHA, December 12, China Daily -- Changsha county plans to build 25 new parks as part of its second three-year "green city" plan, after its first three-year plan concluded this year, it was announced on Dec 12.

County officials have set a goal to create an extra 180-hectares of green space in urban areas as well as build 50 community parks in rural areas.

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