SHANXI, January 11, Chinadaily -- National Forestry and Grassland Administration has recently recognized three wetland parks in Shanxi province for their pristine natural environments. Qinheyuan Wetland Park in Changzhi city, Shenxi Wetland Park in Hunyuan county and Fenhe Wetland Park in Hongtong county were all singled out by the government body responsible for national forestry affairs.

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GUANGDONG, December 21 -- Since 2019, a new round of provincial coast protection forest plantation work will be initiated in Guangdong Province. From 2019 to 2025, over 24000ha of plantation as main shelterbelt will be planted, among which, near 2400ha are mangrove forest.

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JILIN, December 10, Chinadaily -- Covering an area of 500 square kilometers, Songyuan's Chagan Lake in the west of Jilin province is now the seventh largest freshwater body in China.

Key program-12.11_Chagan_Lake_project_an_ecological_success

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GUANGXI, December 14 -- The forest cover in Guangxi reaches 62.31%, which ranks 3rd in China, indicating that the ecological condition turns better.

FYG-key program-Forest_Cover_in_Guangxi_reaches_62.31

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BEIJING, November 30, Xinhua -- Forest coverage has grown to 13.57 percent from 5.05 percent in 1977 in areas where China's Three-North Shelterbelt Forest Program was implemented, according to a meeting on the program held in Beijing Friday.

The program has effectively curbed the expansion of desertification and become a "Green Greatwall" to prevent sandstorms, conserve water and soil and safeguard agriculture, according to the meeting on the 40th anniversary of the launch of Three-North Shelterbelt Forest Program.

Launched in 1978, the project consists of forestation in northwest, north and northeast China, in order to hold back the aftermath of sandstorms and soil erosion. The eight-phase project, covering 13 provincial regions, is expected to be completed by 2050.

Key program-11.30_Chinas_Three-North_Shelterbelt_Forest_Program_brings_forest_coverage_to_13.57

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