In the process of implementing the APFNet multi-functional forestry demonstration project, the Wangyedian Forest Farm has not only introduced advanced management concepts, but also improved its forestry equipment and the management capabilities of its staff, so that its management level has gone up to a new level. After the development and operation of the resource management information system, the office management information system and financial management information system, and the opening of website, the Forest Farm has got rid of its old image of “country bumpkin” and begun to develop at a full speed.

Multi-functional forestry is an important concept of modern forestry management, and it is also a beautiful forest management pattern that many foresters are diligently pursuing. Today, this concept is being transformed into a vibrant and lively reality in the Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm in the Harqin Banner in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, showing a proud presence in northern China. (Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm)


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The construction of ecotourism base in Wangyedian not only enables people to return to nature, but also widely spread the concept of ecological civilization. The demonstration and education base of ecological culture is located in the Maojingba scenic area of the Wangyedian National Forest Park (In 2016, Wangyedian National Forest Park was appraised as one of the second batch of 47 “Chinese Forest Oxygen Bars”), where explanation boards are set up for each scenic spot and every major tree species. Here people can not only experience the feeling of returning to nature, but also learn a lot of ecological and cultural knowledge.

At the same time, in view of its own characteristics, the base has opened up forest landscapes such as “Ecological Corridor”, “World of Birds” and “Arboretum”. In recent years, its activities such as forest trekking expedition through the woods, mountain bike cycling around the beautiful valleys and camping in the wild have attracted a large number of tourists every year for summer vacation. During the process of tourist reception, the base makes full use of signs, brochures, handbags and other publicity tools to imperceptibly carry out eco-culture education for tourists, enabling them to fully aware of the important role of forests in terrestrial ecosystems and enhancing their consciousness of environmental protection. (Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm)


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In order to strengthen the forest resources protection, effectively prevent forest fire and eliminate deforestation behavior, Wangyedian Forest Farm and the community actively worked together to make joint efforts in construction and management practice (Mainly including resource management and protection, forest fire prevention, forestry pest control and rational utilization of non-wood resources), which has set a good example of the harmonious development of forest farms and communities.

At the same time, in order to tackle the difficulty in employment, the forest farm and the community worked together to support the employment by organizing the idle labor in the surrounding communities to set up a forestry construction team to undertake the construction of forestry projects after training. Moreover, the jobs with greater risk were covered by accidental injury insurance. In the past two years, the professional construction team has completed a number of tasks in forestry construction, involving more than 8,000 labor days, with the per capita labor income of 8,500 yuan. (Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm)


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The plants, edible (medical) fungi and other non-wood resources are very rich in the Wangyedian woodland. In order to grasp the types and quantity of non-wood resources in the region and guide the community to develop and utilize non-wood resources scientifically and reasonably, the forest farms employed experts to compile many materials, including Survey Program on Non-Woody Forest Products, Brochure, Handbook for Collection and Utilization of Non-woody Forest Products in Wangyedian, sent these publicity materials to peasants and hired experts to train these peasants, which has greatly enhanced the ability of local peasants to make sustainable use of resources.

In addition, the Forest Farm provides the community residents more than 800 tons of young forest tending slash every year for the cultivation of edible fungi, and help the peasants to build 100 edible fungi breeding greenhouse, which alone has increased the annual net income of 20,000 yuan for each farmer. This has not only greatly improved the livelihoods of local farmers, but also enabled farmers around the forest to consciously participate in forest protection and sustainable management after enjoying the real benefits brought by the forest. (Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm)


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The close-to-nature management of forests is a management model with “individual cultivation of target tree - selective cutting of individual plants” as the main content, that is, throughout the forest cultivation process, all forest management measures are carried out around the target tree to foster the coniferous and broad-leaved mixed muti-functional uneven aged stratified forest that focuses on the production of large diameter timber, so as to provide continuous coverage of large diameter timber and woodland, and mitigate the negative effects caused by forest cutting on the severe fluctuations of the ecological environment, and enhance the ecological function of forests.

In order to fulfill its job, the forest farm invited the professional investigation team of the Surveying and Mapping and 3S Engineering Technology Research Center of Beijing Forestry University to conduct the accurate non-cutting measurement over the forest resources under the coordination of the technical personnel of Chifeng Forestry Academy and the Forest Farm, and compiled the Investigation Report on the Forest Resources of the Wangyedian Forest Farm and the Multi-functional Forest Management Plan of Wangyedian Forest Farm under the guidance of the experts. With more than five years of efforts, the operation of near 467 ha , the close-to-nature forest in the Wangyedian Forest Farm have shown satisfying results. The tall and straight target trees are marked with bright red for special protection, the interference trees are cut out and the planted seedlings are scattered among the tall trees, showing vigorous life. With this mode of management, the vast green forest will never wither. (Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm)


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