Wetland, “the kidney of the Earth”, not only provides a variety of material products and cultural products, but also boasts other important ecological functions such as maintaining the water resources, purifying water quality, refraining from flood and drought, regulating the climate and maintaining biodiversity.

China is one of countries with the most abundant wetland resources in the world. Chinese government attaches great importance to the work of wetland conservation and wetland conservation in China has been developed rapidly since China’s joining Convention on Wetlands in 1992, with high praise from the international community. In particular, the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC put forward a clear requirement of "Expanding the wetland area", and then the party and state leaders have repeatedly made important instructions to take the most stringent measures to protect the wetland.

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China has preliminarily established a complementary wetland protection system, which gives priority to wetland natural reserve and wetland parks, and is made up by other protection modes like wetland protection areas, and thus most of important wetlands across the country have been effectively protected, the completeness of important areas of wetland ecosystem has been maintained and the ecological function has been fully exerted.


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Shanghai Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve is located at the estuary of Yangtze River. Its east end is formed by massive sediments from runoffs of Yangtze River under the interaction of Yangtze River and the ocean, and currently still extending toward the East China Sea with an annual speed of 80-110 meters. As the largest and best developed tidal wetland at the estuary of Yangtze River, it is north-south narrow and east-west broad, with dense tidal creeks and obvious zoning of high, middle and low tidal beaches. In fact, it is an important channel for water bird migration in Asia-Pacific region as well as the only river way for annual anadromous and catadromous migrations of many species.

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YUNNAN, Dec.27 - The Beihai Wetland is located 10 kilometers to the north of the Tengchong county, Yunnan Province. Surrounded by mountains, its height is 1,731 meters above sea level. The wetland consists of two natural lakes named Beihai and Qinghai, with already 600,000 years old.

Best Practise - 12.27 Picturesque scenery of Beihai Wetland1

The Beihai wetland (File photo/Xinhua)

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SHANDONG, Dec.15, Xinhua - More than 50 species of birds came to the Liangchenghekou Wetland to spend winter this year thanks to the local authority's efforts to improve the ecological environment on the wetland in the past years.

Best Practice-_12.15_Ecological_environment_on_Chinas_Liangchenghekou_Wetland_improved

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