SHANDONG, January 13, China daily -- Tens of thousands of whooper swans from Siberia paddle through the water, seemingly oblivious of onlookers, at Yandunjiao, which is in Rongchen city, Shandong province, January 9, 2016.

thumb Forestry Science and Education - 1.13 Yandunjiao in Shandong is an ideal habitat for whooper swans

[Photo by Yu Fangping/Asianewsphoto]

Yandunjiao is a national nature reserve that draws the whooper swan, making it the best location to appreciate this beautiful creature. Tens of thousands of whooper swans migrate from Siberia to this small fishing village to spend the winter, adding a bit of vibrancy to the bleak season. Villagers here have a natural propensity to protect the birds, so they’ve formed a close bond with the swans. That creates a harmonious setting that is another attraction of this coastal village.

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