BEIJING, May 25, China .org. cn - Haidian District, in Beijing, recently launched a collaborative project to promote its parks and gardens, many of which are former imperial properties.


The joint campaign involves five parks, including Beijing Botanical Garden, the Temple of Heaven and Taoranting, as well as the famous Fragrant Hill, Beijing's most renowned forest park, combining natural landscape with imperial architecture.

"These are already famous sites among tourists, but in this year's campaign, the use of new media is a new focus. We hope there will be many more people who will access our tourism service, especially online and on mobile phones," said Feng Jun, deputy director of Haidian Tourism Committee.

Appreciating flowers blossoming is another annual tradition in Beijing tourism. The famous business hub Beijing International Flower Port joins the campaign this year, which coincides with the opening of Beijing Rose Festival, an event that highlights China rose, a species cultivated in China and that blooms in May.

Haidian District is also looking to join forces with neighboring Hebei province, hoping to develop new tourist routes crossing both regions, and to introduce Hebei tourism resources to Beijing tourists.