BEIJING, May 18,Xinhuanet - The "1600 Pandas World Tour" will make its next stop in South Korea on May 23.

The "1600 Pandas World Tour" was first launched in 2008 as a collaboration between World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) and French artist Paulo Grangeon.

Paulo Grangeon used recycled paper and egg shell to create 1,600 pandas in various poses, emotions and sizes, aiming at raising public awareness to protect the endangered animal and environment.

The organizer said, the tour will be renamed "1600+ Pandas World Tour in South Korea", because statistics show that the number of wild pandas worldwide has risen to 1,864.

Plenty of new elements will be introduced in a bid to commemorate those who have been making efforts to increase wild pandas, the organizer added.

The "1600+ Pandas World Tour in South Korea" will debut at Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul. They will flash in seven iconic landmarks across the country and be exhibited to the public at Seoul Seokchon Lake from July 4 to 31.

All the paper-made pandas will be used for wildlife conservation work through a charity bazaar after the tour, the organizer added.

The "1600 Pandas World Tour" has been held successfully in France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, China’s Taiwan and Hong Kong and Malaysia. South Korea will be its ninth stop.

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