YINCHUAN, July 28 - In order to further improve the ecological systems and build a livable and beautiful environment, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has taken different measures for different regions to improve the natural environment.

In the southern part which is mountainous, ecological restoration is the priority. Major measures include: prevent and control water and soil erosion, increase forest and grass coverage and cultivate and plant forests for water conservation. And in the Liupan Mountain region, forest bases for water and soil conservation will be constructed. In the central part where it is dry, the priority will be desert prevention and ecological improvement. Major measures include: closing the areas from grazing, tree and grass planting and aerial sowing to speed up the improvement of the desertified land. In the northern part where it is irrigated by the Yellow River, the goals will be the construction of farmland shelter forests and the development of forestry economy. Major measures include: to implement the farmland-forestry network project and the ecological forest project on the east slope of the Helan Mountain, and to build the economic forest belt featuring grapes, Chinese Wolfberry, dates and apple as well as urban greening projects.

Also, through the implementation of such projects as relocation of residents for the purpose of ecological improvement, the road construction, forest parks and the grape tourism corridor on the east slope of the Helan Mountain, Ningxia will speed up its ecological improvement, and will greatly upgrade the ecological environment in the autonomous region.

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