The Wangqing Forestry Bureau in Jilin province was established in 1947, and is one of the earliest six large state-owned forest enterprises in Jilin province. In the area of the forestry bureau, the forest coverage rate is as high as 96%. The bureau gives equal importance to forest cultivation and felling and aims to develop a sustainable forest industry. At present, the bureau has developed a forest system integrating forest cultivation, timber production, forest-related industries and construction. The bureau has more than 20 series of products, including log, board, flooring, medium-density fiberboard, adhesives, edible fungi, wild vegetables, pine seeds and medicinal herbs. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14000 environmental certification. The area of this forest bureau is 304,000 hectares, with abundant plant species and mineral resources. The bureau has been named by the State Forestry Administration as a national model forest enterprise for sustainable operation. The bureau has also been included in the protection zone for Siberia tigers and Amur leopards by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Wangqing Forestry Bureau


The Wangqing Forestry Bureau is located in the administrative region of Wangqing County in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Region in Jilin province. Its geographical coordinates are between 129°56′ and 131°04′east longitude and 43°05′ and 43°40′ north latitude. It borders with the cities of Yanji, Hunchun, Tumen and Suifenhe, and is 45 kilometers from Russia and 225 kilometers from North Korea. It enjoys convenient transport with the Mudanjiang-Tumen railway going through the region and telecommunication and Internet services, has access to modern finance, insurance and transport services and well-developed water and power supplies.