Qingyuan Man Autonomous County, located in the eastern mountain area of Liaoning, is a key forestry county in Liaoning Province. Forest land area in Qingyuan County is 312,561.9 ha, with the forest cover of 71.4%, accounting for 79.59% of total county land area. Qingyuan County is a pilot demonstrati in situ of national forest administration, where the forest category division work started in the late 1980s. In recent years, based on the strategic objective of “developing themajor ecological county in Liaoning”, Qingyuan County strengthens the development of forestry ecological system, which is starting from developing “green ecological shelter zone” and “clean water source” of urban agglomeration around Shenyang. First, it allocates 182,00 ha of public welfare forest, where the national public welfare forest area is 86,700 ha with strict conservation; second, it suspends commercial logging on 95,300 ha of natural forest; as of the third, it establishes Liaoning Hun River Source Provincial Level Nature Reserve with the area of 18,900 ha with standardized management; fourth, it conducts mountain closure in fragile ecological area, with the closure area of 33,000 ha, which ensuring the closure area will grow to mature forest; last, it launches public plantation and greening campaign, and endeavors to develop forest reserve resources, which has accumulatively afforestation of 43,300 ha since 2006.  

Qianyuan County

By several zonings/divisions and gradual adjustment of forest category structure, public welfare forest proportion in Qingyuan County has risen from 9.6% in 1990 to 42.1% in 2010, while the proportion of commercial forest has dropped from 90.4% to 57.9%.

The forest stock volume of Qingyuan County in 2007 was 25.52 million m3, and then increased to 26.94 million m3 in 2011, of which the increase rate is 5.3% with the net increase of 1.42 million m3 during these five years. The forest resources has been constantly increased as a whole, meanwhile, the quality of standing forest has been improved greatly.

Based on forest resource condition in Qingyuan County and applicable growth rate table, the total increment of forest stock volume is calculated to about 956,000 m3•a-1, among which the total increment of that in the region for commercial timber is 725,000 m3•a-1, accounting for 75.84%. The area suitable for commercial timber is less than 2/3, while its increment accounts for 3/4 of total increment. The major reason is that the timber forest mainly consists of young and middle aged and near-mature forest with high growth rate; while protection forests mainly consist of mature and over-mature forest with quite low growth rate.

Qingyuan County successively issued Regulations on Forest Resources Protection in Qingyuan County, Management Methods on Comprehensive Development in Mountain Area, Management Methods on Directed Seedlings in Mountain Area, and dra_ed Plan for Forest Land Protection and Utilization and Plan for Green Mountain Protection, which provide the reliable policy guarantee for sustainable forest management. In order to adapt diverse entities of forest ownership a_er the reform of collective forest tenure system, Qingyuan County converts from overall logging quota management to sub-item control, and allocates annual logging quota to households and sub-compartments. At village level, the announcement system was implemented by posting the notice of allocation list for supervision by forest farmers.

Currently, annual stock consumption of logging quota in Qingyuan County is about 240,000 m3, which equals 1/3 of total forest stock volume increment in the commercial timber region.

Source: National Report on China Sustainable Forest Management

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