Yong’an city is one of the important forests districts in Fujian Province, which has a famous name of “90% for mountains, 5% for water, 5% for farmland”, and it is a typical southern mountain area with 79.50% forest coverage rate. Among the current forest land, the collective forest land area is 2.65 million mu, occupying 69.30% of the total. The large area of collective forest determines that forestry is majority industry, which is a key resource to increase income for local farmers. From 2007 to 2011, with the improvement of forest management knowledge and intensity, the area changes of tree species present that the areas of fir, eucalyptus, so_ broad-leaved forest and rare tree species show an uptrend in China, the total area rises from 24.90% to 27.80% with average annual increase of 0.60%. The areas of pine, hard broad-leaved forest, bamboo forest and economical fruit tree show a decline.  

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 In recent years, the age-group structure of forest resources in Yong’an has been changed smoothly. Furthermore, with the deepening development of ecological construction in China, the forest age structure is revealed to turn into older phase. For example, the total proportion of young, middle-aged and near-mature forests was 51% in 2007, however, it was down to 46% in 2011, with the annual decrease of 1%; on the contrary, the proportion of mature and over-mature forests went up by 1% annually, from 49% to 54%, and is continued to increase.  

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