Lin’an is located at the western suburb of Hangzhou, which is the source of Taihu Lake and Qiantang River. The area of Lin’an is 3126.8 km2 and has a population of 530,000. In terms of the development characteristics, Lin’an is a typical representative of southern collective forests. The forest land area of Lin’an is 260,000 ha (the collective forest land area occupies 95% of the total forest area), the forest stock volume is 10.20 million m3, and the forest cover 76.55% of total land area. Lin’an has two state-level nature reserves -Tianmu Mountain and Qingliang Peak, which is called “Hometown of Bamboo” and “Hickory Capital” in China.  

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Compared the status of resources in Lin’an in 2005 with that in 2010, Lin’an has established ecological public-welfare forest which take natural forest as the major part of 86,000 m3; the forest coverage rate has improved by 1.62%, the forest stock volume keeps increasing, and the stumpage has reached to 10.29 m3 with the average annual increase of 389,000 m3; growing stock has reached to 10.2 m3, with the average annual increase of 395,000 m3; the quality of the forest is going to be improved. Every ha growing stock of arbor forest increase by 11 m3, from 45 m3 to 60 m3; the forest structure tends to be rationalization, and the proportion of broad leaved forest and mixed broadleaf-conifer forest with strong ecological function has increased from 39% to 57%.

Source: National Report on China Sustainable Forest Management

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