HEILONGJIANG, Nov.17 - According to videos and pictures taken by Far infrared camera in Taipinggou Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang Province, and experts’ identification from the Feline Animal Research Center under State Forestry Administration (SFA), it was confirmed that the Siberian tiger appeared in Taipinggou Nature Reserve was from Russia, named Kuzya.  

Best Practise11.17 Tiger detacted in Taipinggou nature reserve was confirmed from Russia

Taken by far infrared camera.

About two years ago, Russian experts rescued five tiger cubs. Russian President Vladimir Putin freed three tigers in May, 2012, and Kuzya is one of them. According to satellite-tracking collars, Kuzya swam through Heilong River to China.

By Xin Shuyu Source: http://www.forestry.gov.cn/main/3095/content-718277.html