BEIJING, September 9 - On September 9, 2014, Liu Dongsheng, vice administrator of State Forestry Administration of China met with Peter Blythe, parliamentary secretary of state from Department of Food and Agriculture of Germany. The bilateral parts both agreed that Sino-German cooperation on forestry had a long history, with sound systems, deep communication and productive results, it is one of the bilateral forestry models worldwide.

9.9 Further Sino-Germany forestry cooperation

Liu Dongsheng(R) meets with Peter Blythe(L) in Beijing on September 9, 2014.

They expressed the hope that the Sino-German working group to play further capacity to promote the departments of two sides to cooperate pragmatically with focus on fields the bilateral parts both interested in, including the usage of forestry biomass energy, fighting against illegal wood logging and related trades, multifunctional forestry, forestry science communication and international convention and assignment.

By Xin Shuyu