GUANGDONG, July 17,China Daily - Dabu county says it will develop its forests and ecology in 2014 with an “ecological civilization” concept and new Guangdong forestation approaches.

In the first half of this year, Dabu county government has planted 51,750 mu (3450 hectares) carbon sink forests. It asked everyone to take part in the planting activity and forestry production and the total social planting area reached 10,000 mu.

Dabu wants to landscape the Meizhou-Dabu Highway area as an ecologically sound green belt by planting trees on both sides, from the Dama entrance to Yinjiang, over a 17-km stretch of road. Dabu is also developing its countryside and scenic spots and plans to build three national forest parks, one wetland park, and 44 countryside demonstration spots over the next few years. It has already implemented reconstruction projects at local tourism attractions to increase their popularity and promote better landscaping.


Ai Lao Mountain, Yunnan province [Photo/Yunnan Provincial Tourism Administration]