Forestry industry is a traditional and emerging industry which covers primary, secondary and tertiary industries. In recent years, China is committed to nurturing the first industry which is focused on timber production forest, economic forest and firewood forest, the second industry which is focused on timber & forest product processing and the tertiary industry which is focused on tourism. A complete forestry industry system has taken initial shape.

The forestry industry has provided China with more than 6 billion cubic meters during 1949-2009. Currently, China’s output of wood-based panels, floorboard, furniture, colophony, etc, ranks the first in the world. China, as one of the biggest producers and suppliers for processing woods, bamboos, flowers, red lac, active carbon products, etc, has leaped into a big forest products manufacturing and trade country. In 2009, the gross output value of forestry in China is up to RMB 1.75 trillion Yuan.

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