Since the foundation of new China, the national timber production has accumulated to a total of 2,450 million m3, making an enormous contribution to the production, construction and development of the country. Since the implementation of the natural forest protection program, the national timber production has been reduced progressively, from 63.9479 million m3 in 1997 down to 51.9733 million m3.

The yields of bamboo timber have increased yearly in these years due to the short production period, wide range of uses and enthusiasm of farmers for production. The total yield of bamboo timber in 2004 was 1.098 billion in number, an increase of 13.4% compared with the yield of 2003, including 734 million Phyllostachys pubescens and 364 million Bambusa pervariabilis, accounting for 66.82% and 33.18% of the total yield respectively. Since the foundation of new China, the whole country has produced an accumulative total of 11.7 billion bamboos. Furthermore, a total 79 million tons of small mixed bamboos have been produced.  

Since the foundation of new China, the annual output of saw timber in China has been always around 10 million m3 and the accumulative total production have reached 661.87 million m3. The production in 2004 was 15.3254 million m3, an increase by 36% compared to the production of 2003, of which the production of tropical saw timber was 1.04.94 million m3, accounting for 6.85% of the total production of saw timber.  

Because of the rapid growth in the industries of construction, home decorating, furniture manufacture etc., wood-based panels have become the dominant products of forestry industries with a substantial increase in the production, increasing from 10.5633 million m3 in 1998 to 54.4649 million m3 in 2004, with an average annual growth rate of 31.44%. The production of 2004 alone accounted for 18.94% of the total since the foundation of new China. Among the total production of wood-based panels in 2004, plywood production was 20.9862 million m3, fiber board production was 15.6046 million m3, particle board production was 6.4292 million m3, and the production of other types of wood-based boards was 11.4449 million m3 (Laminated accounts for 76.97%).    

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