Tianjin, August 22 –( China Green Times, Wang Yu reports)  On August 21, the logo and mascots for the Third China Greening Exposition were unveiled at the first press conference held by the expo organizing committee.

The design of the logo of this expo is based on the permanent theme of the china greening exposition – “building a green homeland oriented towards the people”, and the sub-theme of this exposition – “the dream of a green, blossoming world.” The logo is composed of two humans supporting each other, shining leaves and a blue river. The relationship of the two humans reflects the man-nature relationship, the shining leaves correspond to the theme of the logo and convey the significance of sunshine, plants and trees to the nature, and the blue at the center of the logo indicates the mother river of Tianjin – the Haihe River.

The mascots– the Green – are named Jinjin and Qingqing. They together convey the harmony between the green and the water. They are to reflect the good ecological environment in the host city, and also form a beautiful picture of the two parts of the exposition site.

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