JILIN, September 4, China daily -- Work recently began on the establishment of the Wanbaoshan national grassland natural park in Northeast China's Jilin province -- one of 39 parks selected in the first batch of pilot national grassland natural parks in the country -- according to local media reports on Sept 3.

key program 9.4 Pilot national grassland natural park launched in Jilin

The Wanbaoshan national grassland natural park in Northeast China's Jilin province. [Photo/]

The National Forestry and Grassland Administration has the goals of increasing grassland protection and innovating efficient and sensitive methods to utilize them.

It is advancing the establishment of pilot grassland natural parks and selected grasslands with typical and representative resources, important regional ecological conditions, rich biodiversity, beautiful landscapes and distinctive historical and cultural characteristics of the grassland ethnic minorities.

The planned area of the Wanbaoshan park will cover 1,180 hectares, with the vegetation and grassland area accounting for more than 90 percent of the total.

It will retain the natural landscape of the original grassland, possessing rich resources in terms of species, plants and various wild animals.

The pilot project is of great significance for improving the protection and restoration of grassland in the province.

It will also boost the standardization and efficient utilization of resources -- as well as developing grassland eco-tourism, developing grassland culture and promoting the improvement of the nature reserve system led by national parks.

Jilin will take the opportunity presented by the establishment of a national grassland natural park, to develop it as a green and healthy agricultural and pastoral area with distinctive characteristics -- which will in turn help promote a positive image for the entire province.

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