JIANGSU, August 13, Chiadaily -- Yangcheng Teachers University's School of Wetland, the first of its kind in East China's Jiangsu province, is to embrace its first students this semester, local media reported Aug 11.

Forest science and education 8.13 First wetland school in Jiangsu welcomes students

The establishment of Yangcheng Teachers University's School of Wetland is officially announced Dec 24, 2019. [Photo/]

According to Wang Zhengfei, an admissions officer, all the first 60 students are from Jiangsu and will major in biotechnology over the next four years. They will learn in small classes, team up in groups of three, and get one-on-one instructions from seven professors, 15 assistant professors and 16 lecturers.

Their subjects mainly cover protection and management of the Yangcheng Wetland National Nature Reserve of Rare Birds, biodiversity in intertidal zones, biological characteristics of migratory birds, rejuvenation of wetlands, changes in the population of red-crowned cranes, and the genetics basis of milu deer reproduction.

The students can also carry out field research at the local Yancheng Wetland National Nature Reserve of Rare Birds, which was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2019, and Dafeng Milu Deer National Nature Reserve. The school is also in close connection with local wetland and forest parks about the possibility of carrying out cooperative research in the future.

"We hope to join hands with domestic and foreign institutions in sharing resources and conducting research on ecological civilization," said Tang Boping, dean of the school.

Tang is the founding father of the wetland school. He has led a team of 15 experts since 2009 to offer professional advice to the local government on biodiversity in intertidal zones and the application for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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