BEIJING, June 19 – The Forestry Biomass Energy Office under the State Forestry Administration recently unveiled the logo for forest biomass energy to build up the image of biomass forests.

The logo centers on the buds and fruits in the shape of a golden phoenix against the background of the green earth. Flower buds and fruits represent the forest resources, and the phoenix is a symbol of the sun and energy. The logo indicates that forest biomass energy comes from the sun, and is green, clean and renewable energy. The logo conveys the theme of “clean energy and green earth.”

Amid the rising oil prices when people began to feel the pinch of an energy shortage, forest biomass energy has become a new sector for investment and is developing fast.

The State Forestry Administration, in cooperation with PetroChina, planned a pilot base of 400,000 hectares of biomass forests during the 11th five-year plan. CNOOC was also making big investment in biomass diesel forests in Hainan province. In Yunnan province, more than 20 enterprises have invested in the development biomass forests, with an accumulated investment of 141 million yuan.

National Bio-Energy Group Co. Ltd used discarded forest and crops as materials for power generation, and provided 600 million kilowatt/hour of electricity last year.

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