BEIJING, March 3 -- The theme of World Wildlife Day 2020, “Sustaining all life on Earth”, encompasses all wild animal and plant species as a component of biodiversity, as well as the livelihoods of people, especially those who live closest to the nature. In China, the theme for the day is “sustaining global community of life”.

FYG highlight 3.3 China makes endeavor to sustain global community of life

In recent year, the endangered species saving projects have changed the decreasing trends of the endangered wild animals, such as Giant Panda, Crested Ibis, Asian elephant, Tibetan antelope, and the endangered wild plant species are increasing steadily, including Cycas debaoensis Y.C.Zhong et C.J.Chen, Manglietiastrum sinicum and Abies beshanzuensis M. H. Wu,etc.

 FYG highlight 3.3 China makes endeavor to sustain global community of life2

The protection of endangered wild animals has also been strengthened through protection of habitats and breeding, crackdown on illegal acts such as poaching and damaging the habitats of wild animals, developing policy and regulations and establishing wild animal epidermic diseases warning and monitoring mechanism.

Recently, the artificial breeding population of giant panda has reached to 600, and wild giant panda population reached to 1864 from 1114 in 1980s. The Asia elephant population reached to 300 from 180, and the protection standards for Tibetan antelope changed to ‘near threatened’ from ‘endangered’, and the population increased to 300 thousands from 180. The number of wild and artificial breeding Crested Ibis also increased to over 4000 from 7.

Meanwhile, China also conducted wild plants protection through in-situ protection, ex-situ protection and returning to nature.11,800 nature reserves are established to provide natural living conditions for wild plants, and about 65% national key protected wild plants and small population wild plants have been protected. To date, 200 kinds of botanical gardens have been established, and over 20 thousands species are collected.

By Xin Shuyu 

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