Year of project approval: 2007

Project title: Studies on Science and Technology Distribution for Regional Forestry and Countermeasures

Undertaking unit: Research Institute of Forestry Policy and Information under the Chinese Academy of Forestr

Person in charge: Li Zhiyong

Time: 2007-2008

Main research contents:

1.Theoretical studies and analysis of the current situation

2.Establishment of an assessment system for the science and technology capabilities for regional forestry

3.Case studies

4.Proposals for science and technology distribution for regional forestry in China

5.Proposing policy recommendations for problems existing in the science and technology development in China’s regional forestry and future development trends

Expected research findings and evaluation criteria

1.Creation of an evaluation criteria system for science and technology capabilities for regional forestry

2.Establishment of science and technology distribution plan suitable to the development of China’s regional forestry

3.Publishing three to five papers on core national-level academic periodicals and magazines

4.Publishing a research report.

Note: Soft science