XINING, March 29, 2006 – Qinghai province will implement, during the 11th five-year plan, a regional forestry strategy, which features “afforestation in the eastern part, treatment in the western part, closure to human activities in the southern part and cultivation in the northern part”. The strategy is aimed at promoting fast development of forestry in the province.

In the eastern part of the province where the low altitude, climate, water and soil conditions and economic conditions are all suitable, afforestation projects will be implemented to achieve a frog-leap style of forestry development

In the western part where soil desertification is serious, biological and engineering measures will be implemented for treatment and improvement of desert land and barren land so as to check the ecological deterioration.

In the southern part where altitude is high, massive closure to human activities for land restoration and vegetation will be implemented, and efforts will be made to build an ecological safety belts to protect the region of water source.

And in the northern part, forest cultivation will be strengthened for the protection of forest and wildlife and plants.

The province, in line with natural conditions of these regions, will formulate scientific afforestation and greening plans, and will adopt scientific methods and modes for the restoration of forests, grasslands and different vegetation