KUNMING – The Yunnan provincial department of forestry has decided to launch a crackdown on forest-related illegal activities from April 10 to June 30.

In the past months, some illegal activities, such as unlicensed use of forest land, random felling, unlicensed timber transport and wildlife trading emerged again, posing threat to the forest and wildlife and plants resources in the province. And amid a dry season and high temperature, the risks of forest fires are also rising.

To check such illegal activities and prevent forest fires, the forest authorities decided to organize the special regional campaign. The crackdown will target such illegal activities as destruction of forest land for farmland and construction projects, forest arson, smuggling and trading of wildlife and plants, illegal transport, processing and sales of plants under protection, illegal tree felling and timber transport.

This crackdown is a province-wide activity, and major illegal activities will be investigated and punished. It is hoped that through this crackdown, a long-term mechanism on the protection of resources will be established to promote the harmonious development of forestry in Yunnan.

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