BEIJING, October 18 – On October 15, the State Forestry Administration organized a seminar on the strategy for implementation of forestry-related international conventions. Chaired by the Department of International Cooperation, leaders from departments and offices of policies and laws, afforestation, protection, endangered species protection, desertification, science and technology, research center, wetlands and the Chinese Academy of Forestry as well as experts attended the meeting.

Attendees discussed the draft strategy for the implementation of international forestry conventions and analyzed challenges for the implementation and measures to counter such challenges. Experts also aired their opinions and recommendations for the strategy.

The seminar asked the research institutes and departments to improve the draft strategy and submit the second draft as early as possible.

The seminar helped present a clearer picture of the tasks and situation for the implementation of international conventions to all organizations and departments responsible for convention implementation, and helped improve strategic researches into the implementation of international forestry conventions.

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