BEIJING, December 24 –The 24th China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade held a conference in Beijing on December 19-20. The conference was jointly chaired by Vice-Premier Wang Yang, US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and US Trade Representative Michael Froman.

Zhang Jianlong, deputy administrator of the State Forestry Administration, attended the conference, and exchanged views with the US side on Amendments to the US Lacey Act, a forestry-related issue.

Zhang said China and the US have already exchanged views on the Lacey Act in the past conferences of the Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, and have made some progress. The US side has simplified the declaration procedures for medium-density fiberboard, particle board, paper and paper board made of regenerated or recycled plant materials, assigned special codes and would not require to declare the name of plant species and origin of timber. The Chinese side hoped the United States would issue implementation rules and standards for the Lacey Act, and report to the Chinese side on its implementation process and investigations into relevant cases, and hoped the US side would continue to simplify declaration procedures for composite flooring and furniture from such materials so as to reduce the costs of enterprises and facilitate trade.

The US side said it fully understood the concerns expressed by the Chinese side over the Lacey Act, and it would adopt a prudent and orderly manner in implementing the Amendments to the Lacey Act. The Amendments are effectively measures to deal with illegal felling.

It was learned that the two sides conducted in-depth and fruitful discussions on more than 40 topics involving trade and investment during the conference.

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