BEIJING, June 26 –The conference of the 22ndThe Committee on Forestry and the fourth world forest week of the Food and Agriculture Organization opened at the FAO headquarters in Rome on June 23, and more than 700 representatives from over 100 FAO members attended the conference. Du Yongsheng, deputy director of the Headquarters of China Forest Fire Prevention, led a Chinese delegation to the conference.

Prince Laurent of Belgium attended the opening ceremony and was named the FAO forestry and environment ambassador.

The theme of COFO 22 was “the socioeconomic benefits of forests, with major topics covering the state of the global forestry, the social and economic benefits of forests, forest contributions to the globalization process, forest and democracy, forest products and the measurement of services values. As the international community will set the United Nations sustainable development goals in 2015 and the development process after 2015, this conference aimed at setting new vision and new channels to the challenges on world forest development, and worked to provide solutions for sustainable and people-oriented development. This conference will have great significance in the development course of the global forestry and the process of sustainable forest development.

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