HUBEI, May 1 -- Over 0.31 million hectares of wetland has been well protected within past 5 years in China’s Hubei Province, with more than 62666.6 hectares a year. The accomplishment mainly owns to the improved policy framework in the province, strengthening of capacity building and ecological system management.

FYG-key program-5.1_Over_62666.6_hectares_wetland_protected_annually_in_Hubei

According to HuBei Daily, Hubei Province implemented the system of Lake/River Head, responsible for strengthening the protection and restoration of key wetlands. During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the province vigorously carried out the development of key projects such as the protection of natural forests, the closing of forests for afforestation and the project of returning farmland to forests.

At present, Hubei Province has established 3 International Important Wetlands, 5 National Wetland Nature Reserves, 11 Nature Reserves at provincial level, 8 at municipal and county levels and 27 Wetland Protection Plots. The number of international and national important wetlands ranks the first in central China, and the number of national wetland parks ranks the third in China.

By Xin Shuyu

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