BEIJING, March 4, Xinhua -- Beijing will soon carry out the first wildlife habitat investigation in urban areas, the Beijing Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau said Monday.

forest public security-3.4 Beijing to conduct urban wildlife habitat survey

A hoopoe bird stands on a tree at the Tiantan Park in Beijing, capital of China, July 6, 2018. (Xinhua)

The move aims to establish targeted protection measures for wild animals and plants, and increase biodiversity in the city, the bureau said.

The survey will find out the types and number of wildlife habitat scatters in urban areas, the living conditions of important species, as well as the status of forests, wetlands, greenbelts and water resources, said Zhang Zhiming, an official of the bureau.

Based on the survey results, Beijing will create a protection list of wildlife habitats and grade them by their conditions. For habitats with diverse species and a large number of animals and plants, special zones will be established to limit human activities and reduce human disturbance.

The bureau said that preliminary drafting of the regulations and standards have already begun.

Beijing will also launch a series of biodiversity restoration projects in Beijing's plains, mountainous areas and urban areas this year, according to the bureau.

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