BEIJING, January 30 -- After 60 years’ development, remarkable achievements and improvement in nature protected area have been made in China. In 2018 only, the top 10 events for nature protected area are as follows:

No.1: Unify management for China’s nature protected areas, and establish the management body of National Forestry and Grassland Administration;

No.2: Establish National Park Administration;

No.3: Conduct investigation of national nature protected areas for the first time, which has been completed in all provinces in China by the end of 2018;

No.4: Guizhou's FanJing Mountain has been added in the World Heritage List successfully, which uplifts China’s total number of world heritage to 53, making China rank No.1 in the world;

FYG-Highlight 1.30_TOP_10_Events_for_Chinas_Nature_Protected_Areas_in_2018


No.5: Huangshan Mountain has been included into World Biosphere Reserve Network;

No.6: Six cities in China were selected as International Wetland Cities at Ramsar Cop13, including Changde, Changshu, Dongying, Harbin, Haikou and Yinchuan, which stands for world’s 1/3;

No7: The establishement of two management bureaus of Qilian Mountain National Park and Giant Panda National Park shows national park system enters new stage in China;

No8: GuangWu Mountain - NuoShui River in Sichuan province and Ta-pieh Mountain in Hubei province have been listed as World Geopark, which uplifts the total number of China to be world No.1;

No.9: Research Institutes on National Park increased, including newly establishment institutes such as Northeastern Tiger Leopard Monitoring and Research Center, National Park Planning and Research Center, and National Park Institute of Tsinghua University, and capacity enhancement of National Parks and Nature Protected Area Committee, which all laid scientific basis for the development of National Park System;

No.10: Oil extraction completely withdrew from Xinjiang Karamely Mountain Nature Reserve, protected area has been gradually recovered.

By Xin Shuyu

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