HUNAN, December 21, Chinadaily -- The Yingzhu Mountain and Tianhua Mountain tourism resorts, located in the towns of Fulin and Qingshanpu in Changsha county, have been upgraded to 3A-level scenic spots after being assessed by the Changsha City Tourism Attraction Quality Evaluation Committee.

The status upgrade brought the total number of A-level tourism spots in Changsha county to seven, the most prominent being the 4A-level Yang Kaihui Memorial Hall in Kaihui town.

Yingzhu Mountain attracts loads of tourists every year. It is approximately 509 meters above sea level and has more than 70 continuous ridges and peaks dividing the mountain into eastern and western sections. The forest coverage rate of the mountain exceeds 80 percent. The tourism resort contains various attractions, including terraces, pools, endless bamboo trees, and unusual rocks. It is home to the main battlefield of the Changsha Battle during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1931-45). The ruins there have been well preserved.

Forest Science_and_Education-12.21_Changsha_county_now_has_7_A-level_scenic_spots

Yingzhu Mountain is blanketed in lush greenery. [Photo/Xingsha Times]

To improve access to the mountain and make things easier for tourists, more than 70 million yuan ($10.2 million) has been put into building roads and a visitor center.

Located in northern Changsha county, Tianhua Mountain is only a half-hour drive from downtown Changsha. The mountain covers an area of 80 hectares, has an outer circumference of 12 kilometers, and is 274.1 meters above sea level. It is covered with unusual rocks, old pine trees, springs, ponds, and pagodas, creating a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere. The resort has received a total of 15 million yuan in upgrades.

China has a tourism-rating classification system which rates a tourist attraction from 1A to 5A based on its perceived quality.
Other A-level scenic spots in Changsha county include:

Yang Kaihui Memorial Hall (4A)

Former Residence of Huang Xing (3A)

Jinxiu Jiangnan Ecological Resort (3A)

Xunlong River Eco Art Town (3A)

Xiangfeng Tea Garden (3A)

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