Budorcas taxicolor is evaluated as the first-class national protected wild animals in China, and Vulnerable on IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It is listed on Appendix I of CITES. The species is mainly distributed in northern Myanmar, and Nujiang and Baoshan areas of Gaoligong Mountain. According to the latest survey results, there distributed 12 Budorcas taxicolor populations in Dulongjiang of Gongshan, with a number of 400-450 individuals, and 30 individuals were monitored in Pihe Township of Fugong County. Dulongjiang of Gongshan is the most concentrated distribution area of Budorcas taxicolor.

At present, the distribution range of Budorcas taxicolor decreases constantly and their habitat is seriously threatened. Habitat deterioration is an important reason for the dwindling number of Budorcas taxicolor population. In order to effectively protect this species, the Gongshan Management and Protection Bureau of Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve has continuously strengthened its publicity and protection efforts. The knowledge related to the protection level and endangered status of Budorcas taxicolor was promoted through various forms, the LOGO for Rescue Budorcas taxicolor Protection Activity designed, and a number of Budorcas taxicolor promotional ceramic cups, posters, leaflets, and calendars produced to convey to the public the characteristics, habitat, feeding habits, the importance of conservation and status of the Budorcas taxicolor species at all levels and in all aspects. With these Budorcas taxicolor emergency protection campaigns, the knowledge on Budorcas taxicolor of the public, especially the ethnic minorities in the Dulongjiang area has been enhanced, and their awareness of the importance and necessity for Budorcas taxicolor conservation raised, so that the local people can be fully aware of the importance and significance of protecting this species and its habitat. (Department of Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Management, State Forestry Administration)

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