In 1996, Yunnan Province took the lead in exploring to build protection areas in the form of national parks. In 2006, the area of the nature reserve was expanded to 60,200 hectares from 14,100 hectares, for the construction of Pudacuo National Park, thus initiating the exploration in national park management mode. In 2008, according to the requirements of the State Forestry Administration, Yunnan Province steadily pushed forward the pilot project of national parks, strictly abiding by the steps of “research-piloting-planning-standardization-legislation-promotion”. In 2015, Pudacuo was listed as a national park system pilot. Through pilot projects, the province has found out zoning management system of ecological conservation areas, recreation and exhibition areas and traditional utilization areas, which has given play to the five major functions of national parks in protection, scientific research, popular scientific education, recreation and exhibition and community development, and made great achievements in the exploration of sustainable development, particularly in the mechanism of the participation of traditional communities in the protection and development and the community feedback mechanism. Taking Luorong Village as an example, the average income of each household has increased by 80,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan through the measures such as tourism feedback, community support for industrial development, employment in priority and education incentives, setting up a good example in better coping with the relationship between natural resources protection and community development. (Department of Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Management, State Forestry Administration)






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