Located in the northwest Taishun County of Zhejiang Province, Wuyanling National Nature Reserve, is the nature reserve of forest ecosystem and wild animals that takes Tragopan caboti, the world's endangered species as the main objects for protection. Tragopan caboti is endemic to China, the Grade I National Key Protected Animal Species, and rare and endangered birds in the world. Wuyanling National Nature Reserve is the only breed conservation and scientific research base for Tragopan caboti, and the place where the “Hometown of China Tragopan caboti” is located.

In recent years, Wuyanling Nature Reserve has established an academician expert workstation for the study of biodiversity in Wuyanling, and the Tragopan caboti population protection and breeding center. The Nature Reserve has effectively carried out Tragopan caboti field population protection under the technical guidance of Zheng Guangmei’s expert team of Beijing Normal University. Dynamic monitoring of wild population, habitat protection, placement of bionic artificial bird nests, artificial breeding and semi-wild domestication, publicity and education on biodiversity conservation, and other methods have been adopted to promote the populations of wild Tragopan caboti to steadily grow. Through continuous exploration and hard efforts, the number of wild Tragopan caboti populations in the southern part of Wuyanling has grown from a few dozen to more than 500, showing that its protection and management has achieved remarkable results. (Department of Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Management, State Forestry Administration)


Installation of infrared camera and high-definition monitoring


The male Tragopan caboti in estrus showing off


The production and installation of Tragopan caboti’s bionic artificial nest


The Tragopan caboti mother bird ready to get off the nest after finishing breeding and hatching successfully


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