According to observations, the number of migratory birds now has reached more than 5,000, with more than 10 kinds of bird species, such as wild geese, Egretta garzetta, Podiceps cristatus, and Fulica atrathan, among which hagdon and Cygnus boast the largest numbers. On Juyan Lake, some migratory birds are playfully chasing each other, and some singing loudly for mates, rippling the calm surface of the Lake. Even some migratory birds have already started nesting here, ready to breed offspring.

In order to reduce the impact of human factors on the habitat of migratory birds, Juyan Lake Wetland Management Bureau and Forest Police set up a joint action team to launch a series of special campaigns on migratory bird conservation since March 27, 2017.

The campaign was mainly carried out through daily routine patrols, key investigations, household inspections, night squats and other ways. In the early stage, the action team conducted a thorough investigation on the activity patterns and distribution characteristics of the migratory birds and human activities in the surrounding areas, and strengthened the publicity on related laws and regulations over bird watching, bird protection, illegal bird trapping and hunting. They have distributed a total of 220 copies of publicity materials, dispatched vehicles 3 times and visited 4 key households of farmers and herdsmen.

The campaign has effectively raised the awareness of farmers and herdsmen to protect wild bird resources. In the next step, a regular joint prevention and coordination mechanism will be set up to timely carry out joint actions according to the characteristics of illegal and criminal acts endangering wild animal resources in the area under its jurisdiction, so as to effectively strengthen the regulation over the resources in key areas, and achieve a strong deterrence on crimes destructing wild animal and plant resources. (



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