In recent years, with the increasing environmental protection efforts made by governments at all levels, the population of Capra sibirica, a rare and precious national protected animal, is now gradually expanding. The number has rebounded significantly, especially in the Tianshan Mountain areas within Bortala Mongol Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang.

The survival of wild animals has been greatly affected, due to overgrazing, mining in reserves, unscientific road construction, and tourism development, illegal poaching and digging of rare plants, A Han, the staff of the management bureau of Altai Mountains Two-River Source Nature Reserve said. In recent years, grassland protection projects have been implemented in Altai area, a large number of mining enterprises have been shut down, and a striking result in the fight against poaching has been made. As a result, the number of Capra sibirica has increased significantly. ( - people. cn)


Capra sibirica mother and child


Ram flock