Baijitan is located in Lingwu, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. In the 50s of last century, Mu Us Desert invaded all the way to south, but now the nature reserve is luxuriantly green with grass and trees, thus forming a green Great Wall.

In the Baijitan, the sand within the straw checkerboard sand is covered with vegetation, and desertification control is carried forward plot by plot divided by the straw checkerboard. The sand prevention and control and economic development model concluded as “Six in One” (the peripheral sand stabilized by shrub forests, the surrounding trees and shrubs, the interior the cash fruit forest, aquaculture industry, pasture planting, and desert tourism) has achieved simultaneous development of desertification control and community prosperity, created a successful example for transforming and utilizing the desert and developing a recycling economy. The model was identified by the State Council as a key promotion model for advancing Ningxia's economic development.

Baijitan’s experience has gained the attention and universal recognition of international community. The nature reserve has been rated as “National Advanced Collective of Desertification Prevention and Control”, “National Ecological Civilization Education Base”, “Outstanding Contribution Advanced Unit of Land Greening” and so on. Baijitan Sand Prevention and Control Museum is the only one of its kind in China. (Ningxia News Network)


The staff introducing Baijitan Sand Prevention and Control Museum to the reporters


New coat of the sand sea 


The staff’s living quarters under the green trees


Wang Youde, heroes of desertification prevention and control, leading the older generations of Baijitan for 


Wang Xingdong receiving interviews

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