Located on the edge of Tengri Desert and Badain Jaran Desert, Wuwei is in the core area of the national ecological safety barrier to be built.

Wuwei has established and improved the sand pressing mechanism with professional teams. The city welcomed the participation of enterprises in desertification control, and encouraged RongHua, XinMiao and other big enterprises to treat the desert, develop sand industry and promote poverty alleviation and development. The desertification control equipments of Gansu Construction and Investment Group were introduced to carry out the experimental demonstration of mechanical sand pressing technology of multi-functional sand stabilization machinery.

Wuwei has innovated its sand industry development model, to vigorously develop the desert-featured breeding, fruit and medicinal materials planting, and to establish modern sand industry development model combining with compound management, ecological economy and resettlement of local residents, so that desertification control and industrial cultivation can be jointly promoted and developed, and the peasants’ income can be increased. Wuwei, has promoted the development of the new-type sand industry enterprises with investments of enterprises, large-scale farming, and intensive management approach, and has established a number of modern agricultural demonstration areas along the desert.

Through the persistent efforts in sand prevention and control and the development of the new sand industry, the increasing ecological environment deterioration trend that has long existed in Wuwei has been curbed on the whole, and the quality of the environment is also continuously improving. First, the degree of desertification has been reduced from extremely severe to the moderate and mild degree, and the coverage of vegetation in key areas has been significantly increased. Second, the number of sandstorms has been decreased significantly. Third, the key task of combating desertification in the Shiyang River Basin has been fully completed. ( - Gansu Daily)


Wuwei government officials pressing sand on the Volunteer Afforestation Base


The sand barrier on one side in Wuwei Section of the One Thousand Mile Desert Forest


Qingtu Lake of Minqin County

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