Inner Mongolia prairie is known as the green barrier of northern China, maintaining the ecological lifeline of North China, Northeast China and even the whole country. On the front of the protracted battle for the ecological protection and security, there is a team of active eco-pioneers known as the “Red Boy's Death Squad”. They are Inner Mongolia forest corps of armed police.



To kill “cancer”-Drawing sword in the battlefield of desertification prevention and control

At the turn of the century, a strong sandstorm has once forced people to taste the bitter fruit of ecological deterioration. Zhu Rongji, then the Prime Minister of the State Council, made a special trip to the south of Xilin Gol League to check on the disaster, where he made the important instructions “no delay shall be tolerated in desertification control and a green barrier is bound to be built”.

As the main force in the ecological battlefield, the officers and soldiers of the Inner Mongolia Forest Corps, the first to respond to the call of the Central Government, took the heavy burden, and drew swards targeting the northern desert. This war of combating sandstorm lasted for seventeen years. Wherever there was sandstorm, the soldiers would plant grass on the sand slope, lay and bury the grass lattice to prevent sand flowing.



Combating “fire monster”-Significant power showed on the fire fighting battlefield

Over the past 17 years, the Corps has put out more than 600 grassland fires and the proportion of the fires extinguished within 24 hours accounted for over 98%. With tremendous contributions to consolidating the results of combating desertification and reducing the ecological loss, they were affectionately praised as “eagles on the prairie” and “messengers from heaven” by local Mongolians.

For seventeen years, corps of soldiers have planted 186 plots of “Green Guard Forest” on the edge of the sand sea, and more than 830,000 seedlings and afforested an area of more than 827 ha. Now, the “Green Guard Forests” on the sand area are verdant and tall. The oasis in desert that the soldiers sweat to build up has taken root in this fertile soil like a green monument. ( - China Military Network)

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