Hubei Province implemented the system of Lake/River Head –in-charge to strengthen the protection and restoration of key wetlands. During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the province vigorously carried out the construction of key projects such as the protection of natural forests, the closing of forests for afforestation and the project of returning farmland to forests. Focusing on the ecological protection in key areas such as the Yangtze River and the Han River, prevention and governance work on algae blooms and alien species in wetlands were carried out; Xintan National Wetland Park of Honghu, Hanjiang River Wanyangzhou National Wetland Park of Yicheng, Qingjiangyuan National Wetland Park of Changyang and others were established in the main streams of the Yangtze River, Han River and other major rivers, to rescue and protect water bodies in major river sections; and interception and pollution control were vigorously carried out through such measures as returning farmland, retiring fishing grounds, restoring wetland plants and building up artificial wetlands.

At present, Hubei Province has established 3 International Important Wetlands, 5 National Wetland Nature Reserves, 11 Nature Reserves at provincial level, 8 at municipal and county levels and 27 Wetland Protection Plots. The number of international and national important wetlands ranks the first in central China, and the number of national wetland parks ranks the third in China. ( - Hubei Daily)


Chimaguang Wetland Park of Chibi


Dajiu Lake


Research team conducting biodiversity survey


Bird watching master collecting the sound of a migratory bird