In view of the lagged-behind science popularization on wetlands and the confusion of wetland signs in Qinghai, Qinghai Province not only formulated the Standardization of Important Signs of Wetlands of Qinghai Province, but also drafted and compiled the Technical Specifications for the Identification of the Provincial Important Wetlands in Qinghai Province in 2014. In 2016, six systems were drafted guided by the Wetland Protection Ordinance of Qinghai Province. Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve is the core conservation area of the important wetlands, biological resources and ecological environment in the Sanjiangyuan Region. After more than ten years of protection, especially since the implementation of the Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve ecological protection and construction project, the wetlands, such as rivers, lakes, glaciers and swamps, have received effective protection and restoration through artificial precipitation enhancement, wetland protection, returning farmland to forest, closing hillsides for afforestation, forest fire prevention, desertification control and wildlife protection and other construction projects.

The province's wetland protection and management capabilities have been significantly improved after Qinghai Provincial Forestry Department set up nature reserve and wetland parks. ( - Qinghai Daily)


Water pollution law enforcement inspection team investigating wetland sewage treatment


Director Liu Weimin checking the water quality


Thanksgiving evening party of ruling family with filial piety held in Xining, Qinghai


Qinghai Greening Mobilization Congress held



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