The pilot wetland ecological benefit compensation undertaken by Shengjin Lake National Nature Reserve has not only mobilized the surrounding community to actively participate in the protection of wetlands, but also stimulated the involvement of all sectors of the society in wetland protection and restoration. In view of the ecological function degradation, environmental pollution, water quality decline in Chaohu Lake and the illegal hunting of waterfowls and other problems faced by the wetland along the Yangtze River, the measures of returning farmland to forest, lake, marsh, beach, grassland and soil and water conservation measures have been taken so as to gradually restore lake and wetland area in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in Anhui Province, improve the ecological environment of the Yangtze River wetland area, and give full play to the ecological storage function of the wetland. A protection and rational utilization model of wetland has been established in the lake area to ensure the sustainable development of wetland resources, environment and economy. Pollution prevention and control of the ecological environment have been conducted with serious water pollution, thus the quality of the ecological environment is gradually restored.

Anhui Province is one of the provinces with abundant wetland resources in China, with a variety of types and unique features, where wetland ecological status is extremely important and the wetland conservation system with wetland nature reserve as the main body has been primarily established. ( - Anhui Daily)


Dongpu National Wetland Park, Luyang District


Guanwan National Wetland Park, Feidong District


Chaohu Island National Wetland Park


Quanshuiwan National Wetland Park, Yingquan District

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