Hanfeng Lake conducted the landscape dike-pond engineering model in the urban hydro-fluctuation belts. In the areas 172-175 meters above sea level on the south bank of the lake, a number of ponds with different sizes and shapes were dug up, with the mud piled up as the base. And a multi-band buffer mode was used for the control of the area 175 meters above sea level. On the north bank of Hanfeng Lake, a restoration optimization model was adopted. In the east of the north bank, there are clumping shrubs in the outer edge, towering trees in the inner edge, and islands of weeds and clusters of Miscanthus floridulus still inside it. From west to east, the north shores form a multi-level biological habitat. Three kinds of governance models have jointly built an ecological lakeshore based on water level changes in Hanfeng Lake. Through the integration of wetland parks and urban construction, Kaizhou District allows “the lake water to flow back into the city”. Running water never becomes putrid, and it not only purifies the city, but also purifies the water body.

The formation of Han Feng Lake, has not only solved the problem of ecological restoration in hydro-fluctuation belts, but also created a new landscape. ( People's Daily)


Migrant Anser cygnoides appearing in Hanfeng Lake


Scientific observation


Fishing competition on Hanfeng Lake, Kaizhou District


Design of tour dock of Hanfeng Lake scenic spot

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