In 2008, the Liaoning provincial government shut down more than 400 paper-making enterprises that discharged pollutants to the Liaohe River Basin and required a large number of enterprises to carry out clean production remediation within a time limit. In 2014, China stepped up investment in wetland protection and carried out pilot projects such as returning farmland to wetland, compensating the ecological benefits of wetlands, and awarding wetland protection together with wetland protection and restoration projects.

Liaoning Province carried out the second survey on wetland resources, through which the province's wetland area, type, distribution and other resources status quo were identified, and built the wetland resources attribute database of the province with “3S” technology as platform, which has completed the wetland resources files and provided basis for governments at all levels to formulate wetland protection policies. At the same time, the region also has enhanced the publicity for wetland protection, aiming to improve the whole people’s protection awareness through publicity activities.

At present, the province has set up 2 Wetlands of International Importance, 26 Wetland Protection Zones at all levels, 34 Wetland Parks and 31 Wetlands of Provincial Importance. (


Beauty of Liaoning Red Beach dyed in green and red colors


Liaoning delineated the Yellow Sea marine ecological red line


Ten thousand birds flying in Yalu Estuary Wetland, Dandong


Panjin, Liaoning Province: Temporary rest of migratory birds



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