In protecting wetlands, Changshu started early, with greater efforts. Since the 1980s, Changshu has invested a large amount of funds every year and successively rehabilitated many large-scale wetlands such as Shajiabang and Kuncheng Lake. In addition, Changshu also planned a lot of small but beautiful rural wetlands.

In recent years, Changshu has issued many documents in succession, to regulate the administrative departments from the mechanisms and systems and establish multiple accountability system. Moreover, the city has also raised the compensation rates for protected villages of municipal centralized drinking water sources and implemented the stepwise compensation standard for the administrative villages that assume the responsibility of protecting important ecological wetlands. In addition to continuous investment in capital and manpower, Changshu also has actively introduced international cutting-edge technology, and emphasized its cooperation with colleges. Changshu and Nanjing University jointly established the Changshu Ecological Research Institute of Nanjing University, which was approved of the building of Jiangsu wetland restoration engineering laboratory, becoming the first engineering laboratory in the wetland field in China.

To sum up, Changshu is a “city of wetland” in name as well as in reality, which has been appraised as the first national garden city and the first national ecological city among the same kind of cities in China. ( Guangming Daily)


Changshu Triathlon Competition of Shanghu Lake


Inspecting Changshu Nanhu Lake Wetland Science Museum


Inspecting ecological protection in Changshu Nanhu Lake Wetland


Shanghu Lake National Wetland Park under the setting sun (filmed by Du Haijun)



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