The Poyang Lake international wetland has carried out the pilot of wetland ecological benefits compensation since 2014, and invested a total of 70 million yuan in the past 3 years for wetland ecological compensation of Lushan, Xinjian District of Nanchang, Yongxiu County and Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve. The beauty of Litan River Wetland Park lies in its integration with the ancient streets of Ming and Qing Dynasties and two ancient bridges of Ming Dynasty. The Wetland Park is divided into the Litan River wetland conservation area, the Rifeng publicity and exhibition area and the Litan River wetland ecological recreation area. In wetland protection, Wuning County, Xiushui County and other places have taken a series of measures, including closing hillsides for afforestation, setting up no-till areas, shutting down polluting enterprises, centralized processing of the domestic rubbish, ecologically treating domestic sewage, and concentrating on remediation of industrial sewage around wetlands, thereby the wetland waters gradually become crystal clear.

The featured wetland park in Jiangxi Province has doubled the charm of the city and enhanced people's happiness index. Trees and shrubs exuberate on the waterfront in Jiangxi and Poyang regions, and the natural scenery of the wetland and the humanistic landscape add radiance and beauty to each other. ( Daily)


Elks in Poyang Lake National Wetland Park


Glimpse of Taojiang River Provincial Wetland Park of Xinfeng County


Cycling in Aixi Lake Wetland Park


Photographic Exhibition of Dongjiang River Source Wetland of Wujiang County, Jiangxi Province

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