In the process of implementing the APFNet multi-functional forestry demonstration project, the Wangyedian Forest Farm has not only introduced advanced management concepts, but also improved its forestry equipment and the management capabilities of its staff, so that its management level has gone up to a new level. After the development and operation of the resource management information system, the office management information system and financial management information system, and the opening of website, the Forest Farm has got rid of its old image of “country bumpkin” and begun to develop at a full speed.

Multi-functional forestry is an important concept of modern forestry management, and it is also a beautiful forest management pattern that many foresters are diligently pursuing. Today, this concept is being transformed into a vibrant and lively reality in the Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm in the Harqin Banner in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, showing a proud presence in northern China. (Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm)


Screenshot of the Forest Farm website


Resource management system

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