The construction of ecotourism base in Wangyedian not only enables people to return to nature, but also widely spread the concept of ecological civilization. The demonstration and education base of ecological culture is located in the Maojingba scenic area of the Wangyedian National Forest Park (In 2016, Wangyedian National Forest Park was appraised as one of the second batch of 47 “Chinese Forest Oxygen Bars”), where explanation boards are set up for each scenic spot and every major tree species. Here people can not only experience the feeling of returning to nature, but also learn a lot of ecological and cultural knowledge.

At the same time, in view of its own characteristics, the base has opened up forest landscapes such as “Ecological Corridor”, “World of Birds” and “Arboretum”. In recent years, its activities such as forest trekking expedition through the woods, mountain bike cycling around the beautiful valleys and camping in the wild have attracted a large number of tourists every year for summer vacation. During the process of tourist reception, the base makes full use of signs, brochures, handbags and other publicity tools to imperceptibly carry out eco-culture education for tourists, enabling them to fully aware of the important role of forests in terrestrial ecosystems and enhancing their consciousness of environmental protection. (Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm)


Forest Trail


Demonstration and education base of ecological culture


Leisu re in the wild



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