In order to strengthen the forest resources protection, effectively prevent forest fire and eliminate deforestation behavior, Wangyedian Forest Farm and the community actively worked together to make joint efforts in construction and management practice (Mainly including resource management and protection, forest fire prevention, forestry pest control and rational utilization of non-wood resources), which has set a good example of the harmonious development of forest farms and communities.

At the same time, in order to tackle the difficulty in employment, the forest farm and the community worked together to support the employment by organizing the idle labor in the surrounding communities to set up a forestry construction team to undertake the construction of forestry projects after training. Moreover, the jobs with greater risk were covered by accidental injury insurance. In the past two years, the professional construction team has completed a number of tasks in forestry construction, involving more than 8,000 labor days, with the per capita labor income of 8,500 yuan. (Wangyedian Experimental Forest Farm)


Planting Polyporus umbellatus under forest


Guiding of under forest planting


A glimpse of nursery garden


Community recruitment stimulating employment

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